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Tom O’Neil, Andrew Fleming, Pat Armistead, more to follow!!

 Tom O’Neil – Achievement Expert

❚ Published and featured in the Harvard Business Review, Economist, TVNZ, TV3 and the NZ Herald, Tom is an award winning keynote speaker and international author who inspires, excites and challenges both professional audiences and individuals Tom_ONeil- Large Whitelooking to improve their short, medium and long term performance.

❚ Through his dynamic and fun presentation style, Tom will give you and your team the tools to put in place effective strategies to reach your full potential across your organisation.

❚ Qualified in Psychology, Tom has a strong background working closely with a wide range of individuals. Clients include leaders from international organisations such as Microsoft, Fonterra, IBM, HSBC, Deloitte, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Emirates.

Tom speaks on:

–       Business Reputation and Integrity

–       Personal development (E.g. 1% Principle / COMPASS Goal Achievement Programme©)

–       Career development

Andrew Fleming

Andrew Fleming has a very powerful story of overcoming challenges that seem impossible and how we can rise above adversity. He has valuable insight for the health and safety and insurance industries about how easily it can all go wrong DP305_103 10and what the consequences can be.

Andrew was a fit and active man with a passion for barefoot water skiing and snow skiing. At 31 a farming accident left him paralised from the waist down. Suddenly life was a lot different and very challenging. At times his situation seemed impossible and hopeless. He learnt he had the power to alter his perception and find hope whatever the challenge and that hope opens our minds to solutions.

He grew up on a poultry farm in Taranaki, New Zealand which he considers a pretty ideal childhood. The farming lifestyle taught him lots about life in general, and especially about determination and doing what it takes to get things done.

Andrew spent a lot of his childhood snow and water skiing which both became true passions by the time he was a young man. He considers his best sporting accomplishment to be the skill and proficiency he achieved as barefoot water skier. This is a very challenging sport that requires you to step right out of your comfort zone and takes a huge amount of dedication. He was also a very proficient snow skier and spent most weekends in the winter up a mountain skiing.

After completing an electrical apprenticeship he specialized in Appliance Servicing and contracted to the firm that trained him. This trade was all about problem solving and was to prove useful in the future.

After 10 years in the Electrical Industry, this career was no longer challenging him. Newly married to the daughter of a sheep farmer he had the opportunity to go sheep farming. This career change really challenged him and gave him a new lease on life meeting all these new challenges.

One fateful day in October 2000 he came to grief on his quad motorbike. The accident broke his back and left him paraplegic. The rehabilitation process meant a whole new set of challenges and many of those were challenges that most of us can’t imagine.

He met this new set of challenges head on remained positive about his future prospects spending a lot of his spare time in hospital thinking about how he was going to continue farming from a wheelchair. After three months in hospital and home for just a week his wife announced she was leaving him which tipped his world upside down for the second time in a short period.

Even though he was lucky to have a very supportive family he says he felt so abandoned and alone. He had to learn to accept himself for who he was. He says people reassured him that he was still the same person but the fact is that he was a broken man after a serious injury like that. No matter what people told him and how good their intentions were he was still unable to do the things he was most passionate about, and that really hurt on top of the emotional turmoil of a relationship breakup. He had to deal with severe pain 24/7, due to nerve damage around the broken vertebrae in his back. The only income he had was compensation from the accident insurer of $14,000 per annum. He was unable to return to the trade he knew.

These facts caused him to get quite depressed. People around him told him he needed to take anti-depressants. He refused saying that there were legitimate reasons for his depression and that he needed to get his head around things – not take a pill.

Needing to improve his income, he put all the money he had into purchasing a couple of rental properties and made a $70,000 profit in a 3 year period. He used this profit to purchase more property and educate himself about property investment while remaining disciplined and living on the small amount of money he received on the income compensation from the accident insurer and leaving all the profits in the business.

The property investment courses he attended exposed him to the world of personal development and he learnt the power of reframing situations and looking at what was great about them instead of dwelling on what was wrong with them. Over the years since the accident he has attended several different personal development courses and surrounded himself with what he calls the right kind of people and as a result he gone from strength to strength.

He is an Inspirational Motivational speaker who inspires his audience as he tells them of what he has done to get over the hurdles he has faced and prove things to himself. He says his audiences are usually silent as he tells them of spending six hours lying in a paddock with a broken back wondering if anyone would find him in time and how he has renovated houses from his wheelchair as he couldn’t afford to pay tradesmen to do it due to the meagre, $14,000 per annum income he had to survive on.

Now more than 12 years since that fateful day he says he is even happier than he was before the accident. He is in a new relationship has children in his life as well as several investment properties and sees opportunities all around him. He says he is lucky because he has learnt to choose to focus on what is good in his life and chooses not to focus on what he cannot change. This attitude sees him achieving more than a lot of able bodied people.

Andrew’s story is very inspiring and as you can see he has had more than his share of up’s and downs. Andrew will demonstrate to your audience that they can find the hope they need in any situation and overcome challenges that seem impossible.

Pat Armitstead,    Joyologist


Multi Award Winning Professional Speaker including NZ Speaker of the Year 2002 NSANZ19 (2)

Facilitator,  Author, Coach and Radio Producer

Award Winning Anchor ” Radio Improv”

Best Production 2010 –  Peoples Choice Award  2011   – Peoples Choice Award  2012

The Worlds First Joyologist


Expert on Engagement, Wellbeing &  Productivity

Using the power of joy as a catalyst for change

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Artist & Author


Myers Briggs, Peter Drucker Management and Leadership, Conflict Resolution, NLP Practitioner

 An Entrepreneur , Humanitarian and a Humourist Pat Armitstead has inspired thousands to transform their lives and flourish in the face of adversity.  It is to her credit, and testimony to her love of humanity, that she has done this when the events of her own life have been strewn with adversity.  In the process she has become one of Australasias pre-eminent speakers and transformation agents of our time.  Pat says “ I did not learn about joy by studying joy.  I learned about joy by experiencing  grief, shame and embarrassment.  In a period of great grief and depression I chose not to be medicated. I became re-associated to what was not working in my life and committed to do what it took to restore my physical, emotional and spiritual self.  I believed to be fully self expressed required reclaiming my power and living into my full potential”

 The Joyology education and philosophy specialises in using communication skills, positive psychology, authentic optimism and humour to reinvigorate individuals and teams.   Having worked for over 40 years in leadership roles in education and management Pat believes people flourish when working in a high trust environment that engages  them and fosters their wellbeing.   She says “People will engage, collaborate and co-create using their signature strengths leading to  optimum productivity.    They also learn to celebrate difference and use good humoured communication and joy as catalysts for change. “